Monthly Specials

We offer different specials each month of the year. They are as follows: 

January- Pediatric wellness month- 10% off puppy and kitten vaccinations.

February and August- Dental month- 15% off dental cleanings

March and November- Wellness bloodwork month- $20 off of GHP and PAP

April- Heartworm awareness month- $10 off of Heartworm test only

May- $10 off of microchip

June- Allergy awareness month- 15% off allergy testing

July- Weight management month- 10% off of Thyroid and cholesterol check

September- Arthritis awareness month- 15% off of x-rays

October- Feline viral testing month- $10 off Feline leukemia and feline AIDS testing

December- Refer a friend month- $10 off of one product or one procedure for person referred and client referring